Career Coach Professor Kristine Martin-McDonald


I am excited to support you through life’s challenges, because when a career woman, like you, becomes all that you choose to be then you positively change our world.


When women give back and support women there is a harmony, integrity and justice that is felt globally, now and into the future.

Free Consultation

Choosing a coach-mentor is an important decision. You want to ensure that you and the potential coach-mentor resonate and that you have full confidence in the processes.

So why not take up a free 30 minute consultation where you and I can discuss what support you might need and how I might best offer that for you?

At the end of this consultation you decide if I am the right coach-mentor for you. If select to progress with me you can choose from coach-mentoring packages or individual sessions. The choice is yours.


Tap into the benefits of neuroscience.
The brain has the capability of altering its structure and function well into old age. For centuries it was considered that the brain was hard-wired at birth. This revolutionary science re-conceptualises the relationship between mind, brain, body and energy. We can recruit this knowledge to alter the way we view our brains, human nature and above all, human potential.


Know yourself through the ancient wisdom of flow.
Flow is effortless energy providing us with immense pleasure and fulfillment and arises when we are in alignment with our natural energies. This is contrary to the belief that we should be able to perform all activities equally well in our jobs. The key is to know and apply your flow in the workplace. Have your profile assessed to identify what your natural energies and flow are to bring out the best in you.


Energise your feminine power.
Live your brilliance through passionate, purposeful lives where you embrace all of yourself. Creatively meet challenges, accept the discomfort of the ever-evolving self and celebrate successes. Stay true to the lessons life has provided and you will fulfill your highest potential as you generously enrich others and positively impact our world.

Kris is the most inspirational women I have ever met and has taken me from a place of complete self doubt in my abilities to a place where I have self belief and am driven to achieve my goals and overcome my insecurities.  Kris not only helps you develop strategies, Kris leaves you feeling better about yourself and at the end of a conversation you think positively and are motivated to achieve your goals and set new goals. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me in my life and I will forever be indebted to you.

Joanne Finn

Academic and Critical Care Nurse

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